Friday, January 25, 2008

Phil Hughes Talks to

Hughes was recently interviewed by, and was asked about such topics as his blog, the fans, hearing his name mentioned in trade talks, and the spring training, here is some of what he had to say:

About his blog and the fans -

"I don't want it to be all about baseball. This is more about a personal thing and stuff that I do, and what happens to me. It gives people an inside look into who I am, over what they already know."

"The fans, a lot of times, don't get a personal side of what guys are like away from the field," Hughes said. "I've always felt it's my obligation to stay close to the fans, because without them, I wouldn't be in the situation I'm in now. I've always felt it's important to give back in all the ways that I can."

About the Johan Santana trade rumors -
"Obviously, anything can happen, and there's not always a lot of warning for big news to happen or for a deal to go down," he said. "There's always that chance that something will happen, but just from what I've heard from different people, it seems like the longer this goes on, the odds of me staying will be better. I couldn't be more happy about that."
About spring training -
"This will be a good spring for me, I think, coming in a different position than the last two years," Hughes said. "We're going to have a really good team and there's going to be plenty of attention spread around some other guys. With a lot of young guys stepping up and the core from last year coming back, it should be exciting."
The kid works hard, cares about the fans, loves being a Yankee, and also happens to be a pretty darn good pitcher. Is there anything not to like about this guy?


Anonymous said...

Hughes is da man!!!