Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Torre Wants To Return for Stadium's Closing Ceremonies

There is a great article about Joe in USA Today (hat tip to Peter Abraham), I think you should all check it out. At the end Torre mentions that he would like to return to The Stadium one final time for the closing ceremonies.
Torre, who got a congratulatory call from Cashman the day the Dodgers clinched the NL West title, will be back in New York after the World Series. He and Ali are hosting a reunion of the 1998 World Series championship team at their Safe at Home Foundation dinner Nov. 7. The Yankees plan to have a final ceremony two days later at the Stadium.

"I would like to go," says Torre, who plans to get a couple of seats from the stadium. "It would be nice to say good-bye.

"I came from a very special place. It's tough to compare Yankee Stadium to anything else. Hopefully, we can create some new memories here."
The Yankees better not screw this one up. He wants to be there so they better invite him. I don't know if Hank and Hal realize how bad the organization will look if they don't. It's bad enough they didn't acknowledge him during the ceremony at the final game.


Anonymous said...

Good, now all the Yankees need to do is not act like petty fools and invite him.

Anonymous said...

By the way, do you have any idea how to get tickets for this?

Greg Cohen said...

I have no idea. I've looked on stubhub and ticketmaster and they have nothing.

Mike B. said...

Well, considering the Yankees just re-hired "The Dweeb," I'd love to see them redeem themselves (at least a little bit) by making sure that Joe is present at this ceremony.

Now if only we can hear about how to get tickets....


Godriguez13 said...

hopefully us season ticket holders will have options to buy the closing ceremony tickets that are similar to the playoff options that we didn't get to exercise this year.

pinstripes said...

I'd love for Torre to come back and sort of repair some of the burnt bridges.

I was one of the ones who truly thought we needed a change. I never really "blamed" Torre for the teams postseason failures, but I just felt maybe he wasn't the right personality for this team any more and a chance might bring a fresh feel.

And as for them not mentioning Torre in the tribute, I think they didn't want to make Girardi feel bad. While we all know that Girardi would have "understood", Torre would have gotten a huge ovation if he was in the tribute, and I think it was just too soon to overshadow the current team with something like that. I don't think they intended it as a slight to Torre, I think they just felt like it's too soon to mention it.

I wouldn't want my new girlfriend paying tribute to her ex BF so soon after we're together, especially when his performance was legendary and I was having trouble getting the job done. Not exactly the best analogy, but I think that's part of their reasoning there.