Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pettitte Talking to the Dodgers?

From Ken Rosenthal:
Mike Mussina has retired, and the Yankees could lose Andy Pettitte, too.

Don't believe it?

Pettitte, 36, has spoken more than once with his former manager, Joe Torre, about joining the Dodgers, according to major-league sources.

His first choice is to stay with the Yankees. The Yankees say they want him back. But at the moment, the Yankees are focused on the top free-agent starting pitchers — CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett and Derek Lowe.

For Pettitte, the Dodgers would represent a viable alternative. So could a team such as the Cardinals, who also might want Pettitte on a one-year deal.

I've thought for a while now that the Yankees needed to bring Pettitte back. He's a workhorse and I think he'll have a much better year in '09 than he did in '08. Now, with other teams starting to get involved I think it's important that the Yankees give him an offer and get him signed. The last thing the Yankees want is to fall short on CC, Burnett, and Lowe, and not have Pettitte to fall back on. If I'm advising Cashman I'd tell him to sign Pettitte and hope you can get at least one of the other three (hopefully Sabathia).


Danny said...

Isn't this what resulted in 2004? Let's not leave Pettitte on the back burner while the Yanks chase another mercenary who they'll be looking to get out from under the rock of contract they've buried themselves under when he becomes a candidate for celebrity fit club.

Greg Cohen said...

Yes it is the same story as the offseason of '03-'04.

That's why they should sign Pettitte right now, and then move on to the next target(s).

http://janeheller.mlblogs.com said...

They want him to take a pay cut though. He doesn't seem willing to do it.

Mike B. said...

Way to go, Cashman!


Greg Cohen said...

This off-season can quickly become a disaster, which would lead to a 2009 season that would also be a disaster. Pettitte eats up innings, and isn't that bad either. Give him a decent offer and see if he takes it. It may not be the $16 mil that he wants, but something in that ballpark.

Danny said...

Exactly Greg, Pettitte's been a good soldier too so reward him the same way you did Mo and Jorge. It's becoming embarrassing how a classy organization is treating its classiest players, just look at how they parted ways with Tino and Bernie.

Anonymous said...

But Petitte at best is a #4 starter. I don't want to put 10,12,14 mil into a bottom of the rotation guy just because he's been a good soldier. While I agree the way the Yanks handled Bernie's situation was not ideal, they were in a tough spot. Bernie should have just retired. The Yankees weren't going to pay him big money to be a spot starter. And the regret from that ordeal, led to Posada forcing the Yanks into a four-year deal when at most he would have gotten 3 years somwhere else. What happened top player loyalty and hometown discounts? Seems to happen everywhere else except with the Yanks.
The Yanks offer to Petitte should be 1 year, 7 mil. That is more than generous in my opinion, and If Petitte really wants to be a Yankee, and try to help them win again, he'll accept it. If not, I'd rather give the young guys a shot to prove themselves.

Greg Cohen said...

Anon, Pettitte isn't going to take $7 million in this market. Carlos Silva is making over $11 or $12.

Pettitte isn't as bad as you're making him out to be either. He had a rough second half last year because his off-season caught up with him (Mitchell Report, lack of training, etc.) He tired as a result of it.

As long as it's a one year deal I don't really mind if the Yanks gave Andy what he wanted, or something close to it.