Thursday, August 13, 2009

MLB Power Rankings: Week 19

Here is my weekly look at MLB Power Rankings from around the interwebs. This is just the top ten, you can view the full rankings by clicking on the links in the chart below.

As you can see the Yankees have taken over the top spot across the board, and that's exactly where they should be with the best record in baseball and a 5.5 game lead in the division. I just hope that's where they stay until at least next season's preseason rankings.


Fox Sports

CBS Sportsline

Sporting News


Yankees (3)

Yankees (4)

Yankees (4)

Yankees (3)


Dodgers (1)

Angels (2)

Dodgers (1)

Angels (1)


Angles (2)

Dodgers (1)

Angels (2)

Dodgers (4)


Red Sox (4)

Rays (11)

Rangers (7)

Rangers (6)


Phiilies (5)

Rangers (6)

Rays (6)

Cards (7)


Rangers (6)

Red Sox (3)

Phillies (5)

Phillies (5)


Cards (8)

Cards (9)

Red Sox (3)

Red Sox (2)


Rays (7)

Phillies (5)

Cards (10)

Giants (9)


Giants (10)

Rockies (8)

Giants (12)

Rockies (8)


Rockies (9)

Giants (7)

Rangers (5)

Tigers (13)

(Last week’s rankings are in parentheses.)


crossfire said...

Like I said when they were ranked lower... it doesn't mean that much to me.

This is a very good team and they are a pleasure to watch day in and day out.

They seem to have that Mariano Duncan motto:

"We play today... we win today."

Anonymous said...

i'm really starting to feel good about robertson. he's done a nice job lately. gaudin had a nice entrance as a yankee, let's hope he brings that fire on sunday.

MLB Home Run said...

I'd say the Sporting News has the most accurate rankings. Rays are a Top 10 team and the Tigers are.

SteveB said...

Greg, I linked to this article at POTY.

Greg Cohen said...

Thanks Steve!