Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pettitte Discusses Oswalt's Future, Doesn't See Mets In It

From Joel Sherman:
Andy Pettitte played with Oswalt for three seasons in Houston, still considers the righty among his best friends and converses with Oswalt regularly. Oswalt has confided in Pettitte what he would approve and that is why Pettitte said: "I really shouldn't say anything because of our relationship."

But Pettitte did provide a strong clue about the Mets when he said: "Roy doesn't want to guess. He would only leave to take a real shot at the World Series."

Translation: The Mets are a guess, not a sure contender. When asked directly about Oswalt being a Met, Pettitte said: "He could handle New York because he is comfortable with who he is and what kind of pitcher he is. But we went to the World Series in '05, and he wants to go someplace that he can get to the World Series."
Doesn't sound like good news for the Mets, who could really use Oswalt in their rotation. The veteran right-hander is currently 2-6, with a 2.66 ERA in nine starts for the Astros this year.

How about the Yankees? Obviously, right now the Yankees don't need to trade away a bunch of prospects for a starter--that's actually one area of the team I'm not concerned with right now. What they could really use is a bat or a quality reliever. But here's something to think about: If Javier Vazquez goes back to being terrible or if one of the Yankees starters gets hurt, could Pettitte's friendship, plus Oswalt's desire to play for a real contender open the door to a potential trade with the Yankees? If so, would you want Oswalt in pinstripes?

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