Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marchand: "Granderson has been a colossal failure"

Frank already spoke about this earlier, but when I saw this article from Andrew Marchand on Was Watching, I felt like sharing my opinion.
Maybe the biggest reason the Yankees have not finished off Boston yet is because they traded their top outfield prospect, Austin Jackson, and let Damon walk. For Jackson and in Damon's place, Granderson has been a colossal failure.

It has gotten to the point that the Yankees essentially gave up Jackson and Damon for a guy who is not even going to play in big playoff games. Granderson is barely a .200 hitter against lefties, so he is sitting against the David Prices, Cliff Lees and Francisco Lirianos in October. Barring injury, Kearns will be in left and Gardner in center for those games.

When Granderson struck out to lead off the ninth, he heard boos from the Yankee Stadium crowd. That happens when you are a $5.5 million platoon player. He is not expected to start Tuesday against Rangers lefty C.J. Wilson and he may not play against lefty Cliff Lee on Wednesday. He only started Monday because the Yankees are in the midst of playing four straight against lefties.


"It hasn't been the best," said Granderson, when asked to evaluate his season without factoring how well the team has done. "But just trying to help the team out as best that you can. No matter what has to be done. It is not necessarily going to be the statistical thing. I've never been the statistical type of guy. I'm just trying to help the team out. I haven't been able to be the guy, but at the same time on this team we don't necessarily need that type of guy."

First of all, spare us from the whole "it is not necessarily going to be a statistical thing" crap. When these are your stats, it becomes a statistical thing.
  • Overall - .240/.307/.417
  • RISP - .216/.326/.365
  • vs. Lefties - .212/.250/.283
Also, if you were wondering, here's what I said the day the trade was made:
I'm really not a big fan of this move, but we'll see how it works out. On the positive side, Granderson should see his offensive numbers improve in the new stadium and he's a solid defensive outfielder.
Well, we're seeing how its worked out: Granderson has not only done worse than he did in 2009, but Austin Jackson is hitting over .300 and playing everyday. It's safe to say I'm much more disappointed now than I was on that day in December. This trade is looking worse and worse as time goes on, and I'm not sure it's going to look any better any time soon.

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