Saturday, October 23, 2010

RIP 2010

Well, I guess I could insert a Zen-like, annoying, cliche right here, but we all know that this team hasn't looked like the 28th Championship team in Yankees history for about 2 1/2 months now. The Rangers thoroughly outplayed our Yanks in the ALCS, but that being said I am not rooting for them in the Series. No way, no how, I'm sorry.

Last year, all of Girardi's decisions worked out perfectly, this year they didn't. That's just baseball. It could have been vice versa. Some of his decisions were completely bone-headed and stupid, making me wonder why I ever cared if he went to Chicago. The way he managed this team since August 1st was disgraceful. Not to mention, short of Cano, CC, Wood, and Mo, every player on this team played like crap for extended periods of time this season. This team will look a bit different next year, hopefully for the better.

This wound will take quite a while to heal. As like every year from 01-08, this year ended in a disappointment.

That's about all I've got, but I have one thing for you readers.

Yanks 11. 28 in 2011. Live it. Breathe it. Spread it. One year is long enough, it's time for the Champs to be where they belong.

112 days til' spring training, ladies and gents.

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