Friday, October 8, 2010

Some Off-Day Links As We Enjoy This 2-0 Lead

- Slade Heathcott is apparently headed for some sort of surgery and will be out until February.

- Jeff Pasan of Yahoo! Sports talks about how bad Hunter Wendelstedt was last night, as well as how bad MLB umps have been in general. He points out that according to Brooks Baseball, Wendelstedt missed a ridiculous 31 pitches behind the plate last night.

- Speaking of terrible umpires, Joe Girardi is ready to expand the use of instant replay.

- This article from ESPN NY uses math to show us how much more impressive Don Larsen's perfect game in '56 was compared to Roy Halladay's no-no on Tuesday.

- Did you see what Tim Lincecum did last night?

- And finally the BBTN crew discusses last night's 5-2 Yankees win:

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