Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hal Admits Things "Could Get Messy" With Jeter

From Mark Feinsand:
"He's one of the greatest Yankees in history; no doubt about it," Steinbrenner said on WFAN. "But at the same time, I'm running a business. I have responsibilities.

"Hank and I are responsible to our partners, so we have to remain somewhat objective. I want to get a deal done that he's happy with, but also that I'm happy with."

During his interview on 1050 ESPN Radio, Steinbrenner acknowledged that drawing a line in the sand with a player of iconic stature such as Jeter can be risky.

"There's always the possibility that things could get messy," Steinbrenner said. "Our fans are very emotional, and that's what we love about them, but I've got to try to do my job on behalf of the partnership and everybody involved in the organization. Hank and I need to keep a level head and realize that we're running a business here."
I'm sure many people are going to be upset or worried by this, but the truth is that this is exactly how the Yankees should be handling the Jeter situation. All it means is that if Jeter wants to end his career in Pinstripes he better understand what his true value actually is and not what his ego and agent are telling him it is.

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