Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scout Says Yanks Should Start Martin, Not Montero

From Andrew Marchand:
This scout had the usual criticism of Montero's game. He is not good enough defensively. He said he had concerns about Montero's defensive mechanics and that is why he thinks Montero could be at Triple-A. Ultimately, the scout thought that if Montero remained a Yankee he eventually could be a couple of days a week catcher and a DH.

The scout also thinks Montero could be a first baseman, which why the Yankees may ultimately trade him. The Yankees say that Montero has improved defensively, but that could be designed to try to hike his trade value.

The scout projected Montero to be a .265 hitter with 25 homers one day. We'll see.

The scout thinks Austin Romineis the Yankees' future catcher because of his better defense.
With the Yankees signing Martin it signaled one of two things to me: either the Yankees are very open to trading Montero, or their scouts are saying similar things as the scout above.

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