Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Soria: I'd Be Happy To Waive No-Trade to Join Yanks

From the NYPost:
Soria told the Mexican newspaper Vanguard that he would have no problem being dealt to The Bronx.

"There is a no-trade clause to the Yankees in my contract, but did not put it in myself,” Soria said. “My agent put it as a strategy, but if the Royals decide to move me to New York I would be happy to play with the Yankees or another team.”


"I repeat, I would not block a trade to the Yankees. I like to play baseball and I would play with any team," Soria said.
I think it's smarter to just sign Rafael Soriano for a little more money than Soria is getting, rather than trading top prospects for Soria. Back at the trade deadline, the Yankees supposedly offered the Royals a very nice package for Soria and were turned down, so I'm assuming the price will still be high. Save the prospects, spend a little extra dough, and sign Soriano.
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