Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cashman at Today's WFAN’s Breakfast with a Champion Event

Cashman spoke to the media today during WFAN’s Breakfast with a Champion event in New York. Here are some quotes via Amanda Rykoff you might find interesting (I'm not sure if these are exact quotes):
  • When Mike Francesa asked him who's a better team right now - the Red Sox or Yankees? Cashman said: Red Sox. But we have better bullpen.
  • Francesa also asked him if there were any chance that Joba would end up in the rotation. Cashman said, No. He hasn't been same since injury in TX.
  • On A.J. Burnett: "He knows he has a problem and he's doing all he can to fix it."
  • On Jeter and his new deal: "I'd be surprised if he plays SS for all 4 years. I see him moving to OF."
  • On the catching situation: Jorge is the DH and there will be an open competition in camp for the starting catchers spot.
  • He called Mariano Rivera “The best Yankee I’ve ever seen.” 
  • Cashman also had a complaint about the NY media, saying can wear a person out.
  • And finally, he also mentioned that the Yankees need a starter. "We're one starter away from being a World Series contender."
Those are some very open and honest answers from Cashman.

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