Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hughes May Have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

As per USA Today:
At least one part of that equation has become a serious concern with Hughes, an 18-game winner last season, on the disabled list with the possibility he could have thoracic outlet syndrome, a rare disorder that affects blood flow.

Hughes is scheduled to see specialist Robert Thompson on Monday in St. Louis to determine if the condition is what has caused what to now has been described as a "dead arm."


Several major leaguers have dealt with the condition -- including pitchers Kenny Rogers, Jeremy Bonderman and Aaron Cook. Treatment can range from exercise programs to surgery. After surgey, time on the sidelines can range from two months to a year. And performance after treatment differs widely -- from Cook and Rogers becoming All-Stars to Bonderman never being consistently effective again.
At this point, I'm not quite sure we can do much more than hope for the best. There isn't any semblance of a rule for this condition, and Hughes' performance (or lack thereof) hasn't instilled a great deal of confidence.

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