Saturday, May 21, 2011

Update on Feliciano

From Marc Carig:
Pedro Feliciano still intends to make good on his promise to strike out former Mets teammate Ike Davis in a Subway Series game. And to make it happen, the injured lefty reliever has turned to platelet-rich plasma therapy, which he hopes will speed up his recovery from a shoulder injury.

“I think so,” Feliciano said today, when asked if he thought the PRP therapy has helped. “If you do a good rehab, it helps you.”

In PRP, a patient’s own blood is spun with a centrifuge to separate the components, thus increasing the concentration of platelets. The modified blood sample is then reintroduced into the injured area in hopes that it jump-starts the healing process.

Feliciano has used PRP three times since going on the disabled list with a partially torn capsule in his left shoulder. Initially, the reliever thought he was headed for surgery. But orthopedic surgeon James Andrews recommended that Feliciano attempt a rehab program first.

“Everything’s good,” Feliciano said. “It’s just getting strong again.”

Feliciano’s rehab program has included strength-building exercises and the use of weights, dumbbells and workout bands. He intends to begin throwing again the first week of June.

Though he is feeling the soreness from working out, Feliciano said he is feeling no pain and has a full range of motion.
He could really help the pen, so here's hoping this PRP works. Sadly, he can't help the Yankees relearn how to drive in runs without the use of the homer.

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