Monday, August 29, 2011

Three Potential LOOGY Targets

According to MLB Trade Rumors, each of the following three pitchers have cleared waivers and are therefore eligible to be dealt. The numbers presented represent their numbers against left-handed batters, as the Yankees have enough talented righties to allow Girardi to leverage Logan and another lefty to the best of their abilities.

Bill Bray, Reds
2011 - .195/.273/.286, 9 BB, 21 K
Career - .231/.309/.344, 35 BB, 72 K

In terms of salary, Bray is the cheapest of the bunch - but I imagine the Reds seeking a bit more than a middling prospect as he has an arbitration year remaining. Put simply, they aren't faced with dealing him or letting him walk for nothing ... and I could see them getting a bit more value at next year's trade deadline.

Mike Gonzalez, Orioles
2011 - .207/.250/.322, 4 BB, 26 K
Career - .212/.279/.339, 39 BB, 150 K

Gonzalez is the most expensive of the trio, and a free agent at year's end. The Orioles have no reason to hold onto him, but I would be shocked if they would hand him to the Yankees - particularly following the spat with the rescheduling of this past weekend's games.

Tom Gorzelanny, Nationals
2011 - .171/.229/.316, 4 BB, 23 K
Career - .236/.301/.368, 44 BB, 134 K

Gorzelanny will be arbitration eligible at the end of this year, with a year of team control remaining in 2013 as well (according to Baseball Reference). For that reason, I don't see the Nationals flipping him for nothing - but I do think that he's a worthwhile option as an affordable option that could also work well as a swingman.

I would be satisfied with any of the three, to be perfectly honest. My personal choice would be ... whomever could be acquired for the least.

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