Friday, August 12, 2011

Yanks To Trim Rotation This Weekend

From Bryan Hoch:
The Yankees expect to have a decision by the end of the weekend on their starting rotation, with A.J. Burnett and Phil Hughes on the bubble to be nixed from what is currently a six-man staff.

"We've talked about it," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said on Thursday. "We feel we need to get it down to a five-man rotation and go with it."

Girardi said that the Yankees are going to make their final call before they head to Kansas City for a three-game series that opens on Monday.
Pick your poison, Yanks. I'm not really sure which way I'd go on this since they've both been awful this year. Hughes has been better lately, though AJ is really the guy you're hoping turns things around by playoff time, so again, it leaves you a bit torn.

Two things that may lead to Hughes drawing the short straw are the fact that he's already shown that he can pitch in relief, and that $16.5 million that Burnett is being paid. I can't image the Yanks want to give all that money to a mop-up guy.

Who would you drop from the rotation?

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