Monday, November 7, 2011

Yanks One of Several Teams Interested in Yoenis Cespedes

From Jeff Passan:
Cuban center fielder Yoenis Cespedes, who defected mid-summer and expects soon to be cleared for free agency, is being billed by his agents as the hitting version of Aroldis Chapman(notes) and is seeking a contract similar to the $30 million the left-handed pitcher received in 2010, according to two sources familiar with the asking price.

The New York Yankees are particularly hot for the right-handed Cespedes, according to one source who attended an open workout Friday in the Dominican Republic, where he compared Cespedes to Los Angeles Angels top prospect Mike Trout(notes) for their similar size, speed and potential.

Just in case Cespedes’ showcase wasn’t convincing enough, his handlers produced a promotional video so hilarious, ostentatious and downright odd that, at very least, will ensure teams know exactly who he is.
Here's the video mentioned above:

There's a lot more on Cespedes in the article linked above, as well as in this by Adam Kilgore.

Updated by Domenic:!/BenBadler/statuses/133682288650227712

This, at the very least, demonstrates that the Yankees have some modicum of interest in the Cuban wunderkind.

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