Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rumor: AJ's Available But Nobody Wants Him

From George A. King III:
The Yankees have inserted A.J. Burnett into the trade market at the Winter Meetings, The Post has learned.

According to multiple teams, the Yankees have let it be known they will listen to offers for Burnett and are willing to pay $8 million of the $33 million Burnett is owed over the next two seasons.

“We will listen on anybody,’’ GM Brian Cashman said without getting specific.

Even with the Yankees swallowing about a quarter of Burnett’s contract, they haven’t gotten a nibble. First, Burnett, who will be 35 in January, would still be owed $12.5 million this coming season and next. Secondly, Burnett hasn’t pitched well (21-26) the past two seasons and has suffered a dip in velocity.

However, the fact that the Yankees have progressed to the point they are listening and willing to eat cash could be an indication they believe there is a move they can make to add a starter good enough to fall in behind ace CC Sabathia.

Cashman said, “I don’t have significant money for free agents’’ because of the dollars allotted for his bevy of stars, meaning adding an arm will likely come through a trade.
Not a surprise nobody is interested. I can't imagine this goes anywhere further unless the Yankees pick up even more money, and if that's the case then you have to wonder if making that kind of deal is even worth it.

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