Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Excuses From AJ

From Kevin Kernan:
No more excuses for A.J. Burnett and no more Yankee thoughts.

Burnett the Pirate took some blame for his failures with the Yankees yesterday at Pirate City, but also said he may have let too many people in pinstripes mess with his mechanics.

“Without getting too far into it,’’ Burnett explained, “I would just say I let a few too many people tinker with me and when you let that happen, you get out there, you start doubting yourself sometimes, like, ‘Am I doing it right? Is this the way it is supposed to feel?’

“In ’09 nobody messed with me,’’ Burnett said of the Yankees’ World Series championship season. “I was able to do what I wanted to do on the mound, whether it was turn all the way around, close my eyes; pitch upside down, whatever it was. Then you have a few bad games and you start changing and listening.’’


Asked by The Post his view of the Yankees staff, Burnett responded: “Without sounding too arrogant, I don’t care, they’re good dudes over there and they got a good leader in CC [Sabathia], but I need to get over here and learn my staff and I’m looking forward to that.’’


“It was fun the first couple of years,’’ Burnett said of his time with the Yankees.
Kernan may say no more excuses, but that sounds like an excuse to me. I was terrible because too many people tried to help me? Yea, OK. Whatever you say, AJ.

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