Sunday, July 22, 2012

Add Denard Span to the list of outfielders the Yankees have checked on

From Jon Heyman:
In their search for an outfielder with Brett Gardner likely out for the year, the Yankees "are in on everybody,'' says a rival executive. That means they've checked in on Shane Victorino, Justin Upton and Denard Span, and presumably others.

But so far they have nothing going with any of those guys for a variety of reasons. Here's a rundown.


3. Span. The Yankees like him, too. But one source said "the Twins are asking for a ton.'' That's probably not a shock considering the interest all-around in center fielders. The Twins seem more open to dealing him than Josh Willingham, for instance, but that doesn't mean they're completely open to it.
Heyman also mentioned that the DBacks may wait until the winter to trade Upton. As for Victorino,
the Phillies are shopping no one and instead concentrating on trying to keep star pitcher Cole Hamels with a long-term deal. One competing exec said he sees the Phillies even keeping Victorino through the season, then taking a draft choice when they lose him in the winter.
As of now it appears that this search won't go anywhere for the Yanks, but things like this change with the weather, so we'll see what happens.

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