Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jeter: "I'm Playing"

From Dan Martin:
Derek Jeter called the bone bruise in his left ankle a “non-issue” last week at Tampa Bay.

That’s more difficult to believe now since he was forced to leave last night’s 5-4 win over the Red Sox after aggravating the injury in the eighth inning.

Still, the shortstop said he would be back in the lineup tonight at Fenway Park.

“I don’t talk about injuries,” Jeter said. “I’m playing, so it’s not an issue."


“It’s really not that bad,” Jeter said. “I told them I was all right, but we had some extra guys. … I told them I was fine, but they told me to put ice on it. That was basically the extent of the conversation.”
If it was any other player I'd expect them to at least miss a few games, but it's Jeter, and I think we've all watched enough of this guy's career to trust what he says.

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