Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yankees Sign Overbay to a Minor League Deal

From Mark Feinsand:
Lyle Overbay walked into the Yankees’ clubhouse late Tuesday afternoon, immediately spotting Vernon Wells, his former teammate with the Blue Jays.

The two embraced, both seemingly amazed to be standing together in the Yankees clubhouse after joining the team within a matter of hours of each other.

“I would show you around here,” Wells said. “But I don’t know where anything is.”

Overbay was released by the Red Sox Tuesday morning, prompting his agent to call the Yankees immediately. The Bombers offered the 36-year-old a minor-league deal with an out clause by Friday.

“It’s kind of like a three-day tryout,” Overbay said. “I know they’ve been watching me, but there’s not a lot of opportunities out there, so I wanted to jump on this. This was an opportunity, and that’s all it was. Go out there and see what I can do, and who knows? Stranger things have happened.”
Like I said yesterday, he's probably a better option than Juan Rivera.

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