Friday, July 26, 2013

Soriano To Yankees A Done Deal

From ESPN:
The trade of Chicago Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano to the New York Yankees was finalized Friday after he officially waived his no-trade clause, sources told ESPN.

Of the estimated $24.5 million Soriano is owed through the end of next season, the Cubs are going to pick up about $17.7 million and the Yankees will cover the remaining $6.8 million, sources said. Soriano is scheduled to make $18 million next season, $5 million of which will be paid by the Yankees, the sources said.

Major League Baseball had to approve the dollar exchange for the trade to go through. The Cubs also will get a lower-tier pitching prospect in the trade, sources told ESPN.
Considering all they have to pay is $6.8 million and that they only gave up a lower-tier pitching prospect (rumored to be right-hander Corey Black), the deal was a no-brainer.

Here's what Soriano had to say about his return to The Bronx:
"It was great when I used to be with the Yankees," Soriano said. "My best friend with the team is [Derek] Jeter and he's still there. Mariano [Rivera] is still there too. And me and [Robinson] Cano are good friends, too, because we're from the same town. I could feel very good with the Yankees because I've been part of the family before with them."
Welcome back, Soriano!
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