Friday, July 31, 2009

Yanks get Hairston and Nothing Else

The Yankees acquired Jerry Hairston Jr. from the Reds for Single-A catcher Chase Weems. Hairston is hitting .254/.305/.397 with 8 HR and 27 RBI in 86 games for the Reds this year. He's a career .259/328/.372 hitter and can play short, second, third, and all three outfield positions.

Weems was hitting .260 BA with a HR and 14 RBI for Charleston.

So while the Red Sox add Victor Martinez and Casey Kotchman, the Yanks get a utility man to replace Cody Ransom.

Way to put all that pressure on Boston, Cash.


Anonymous said...

I would of loved the yanks to get Justin Duscherer. I know he is rehabbing but he will back soon and the yanks could use him in late august or september.

I dont like Hairston, Ramiro Pena is a better option. They said they sent down Pena to play the outfield but he has only played 3 games in center and he was fine.

They could of trade for Washburn and maybe get Morrow who is a great young arm for Austin Jackson.

I dont see how they are going to find another good starter by the waiver trade deadline. I mean maybe a guy like Doug Davis who would suck in the al.

Bottom line is yanks dont have much pitching depth and Cashman didn't add anything. He doesn't ever get creative in his trades.

Greg Cohen said...

I really don't know what they're going to do when Joba hits his innings limit.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointed this team is good enough to win a world series this year. I was not asking them to add Roy Halladay. But they needed to add some pitching depth. They could of added another bullpen arm.

Washburn would of been perfect for this team as a number 3.

The yankees are asking a lot from a 23 year old Chamberlain who has never pitched this many innings to be the number 3 starter and help carry the deep into the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Cashman gets creative, he gives away 4 young players for 2 bums (Nady and Marte). Cashman is a horrible GM.

Anonymous said...

"Cashman gets creative, he gives away 4 young players for 2 bums (Nady and Marte). Cashman is a horrible GM."

No doubt he also lost Steve Jackson because he put Tomko on the roster. I think everyone knew Tomko would be a disaster for the yanks.