Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yanks Luxury Tax Down $7.7 Million

From Mark Feinsand:
Major League Baseball issued its annual invoices for the luxury tax, showing that the Bombers slashed their league-leading tax for 2010 by more than $7 million.

According to figures obtained by The Associated Press, the Yankees were hit with an $18 million luxury-tax bill, their lowest since 2003. For the '09 season, the Bombers shelled out $25.7 million.

"Atta baby," general manager Brian Cashman told The AP. "And right now we're in the $170s."


The Red Sox were the only other team hit with a luxury-tax bill, as Boston will pay out $1.49 million, the first time since 2007 that the Sox have exceeded the payroll threshold.

Still, with a payroll of $170.7 million, the Red Sox were a whopping $44.4 million behind the Yankees - more than the entire payrolls of the Padres ($43.7 million) and Pirates ($44.1 million). Both teams must send their checks to the league by the end of January.
Saving money, not landing any players that will improve the team, and they appear happy about it. If 2011 isn't being looked at as a transitional year than I don't know what is.

I wonder what George would be saying about all this if he were still around.

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