Friday, December 28, 2007

Can The Yanks Get Santana Without Giving Up Hughes?

Part of the problem is the size of Santana’s soon-to-be-negotiated contract extension. When you pay that kind of price, you don’t want to surrender the elite of your farm system, too. The Twins also find themselves in a position where they need big-league-ready talent, and not prospects who will pay off a few years down the road. So the right match has yet to be struck, although it will be soon enough. (It says here the Twins should grab a Yankees’ package of Ian Kennedy and Melky Cabrera if Phil Hughes is off the table.)

But the fact is, the Twins are backed into a corner and have to deal — and it is up to new general manager/longtime Ryan assistant Bill Smith to maximize the return. But Smith has a tough act to follow, as Ryan constructed rosters that posted four 90-win seasons and four division titles in five years 2002-2006.

It may just be speculation on the part of the writer, but if the Yankees can somehow acquire Santana without giving up Hughes it will be a great day in Yankee Land, and Cashman will deserve an extension immediately.


canofan42 said...

I found this article. I think this may ultimately happen. Kennedy, Melky, and prospects is still better than the Sox deal

Greg C. said...

This is exactly what I want to happen, and you're right, it is better than anything the Sox have offered.

ummfada said...

Has anyone seen Ian pitch he has good stuff, KEEP IAN!