Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ticket Prices For Mo's Last Game In The Bronx Are Falling Fast

Over the last week, the average price for Mariano Rivera’s final game has dropped on the secondary market from $238 on September 8th to $103 today. It’s one of the few games the Yankees have sold out this season. Despite that fact, the average price is now only 10% above the Yankee’s regular season average. That’s quite a contrast from opening day, when the game had an average price of $371. In April, Yankees fans envisioned a strong finish after an injury-slowed first half, and Mariano on the mound saving a game to put them into the playoffs for one final magical Mo postseason. Instead, it’s been almost a week since he has pitched, and while a there have been a couple wins along the way, the last 10 days has been filled with a lot of lopsided losses. Tonight, the Yankee’s will face Alex Cobb, whose 2.90 era is the best of any of the Rays starters this series. Based on the first two games of the series, a save opportunity may be a long shot..... to read the rest of this article, visit

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