Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dayn Perry 10 Impact Rookies For The 2008 Season

The only Yankee on the list was Joba Chamberlain, he was number two. People may be wondering where Phil Hughes is on this list, he apparently threw too many innings to be considered a rookie next season.

2. Joba Chamberlain, SP, Yankees, 22

Chamberlain's already made a splash at the highest level, but his rookie status is still intact. Down the stretch he was a highly valuable reliever for the Yankees, but in 2008 he'll be in the rotation. He boasts a devastating fastball and one of the filthiest sliders you'll ever see. The concerns are his injury history and that, after pitching in relief for so long, he may have lost his feel for his changeup. He'll need to refine that third pitch if he's to thrive as a starter, but he should do that in time. The Yanks need Chamberlain to transition in a hurry, and he's got the stuff and makeup to do just that.
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Anonymous said...

Hughes threw 72 2/3 innings last year, and I believe the cutoff is 50.