Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Prior Signs With Padres

Buster Olney reports:
Mark Prior, cut loose by the Cubs earlier this month, has agreed to terms with the San Diego Padres.

Prior receives a one-year major league deal with a $1 million base salary. The contract, which doesn't include an option, contains incentive clauses that could take the total value of the deal to over $3 million.
I really don't understand why the Yankees didn't sign Prior to a similar deal. I well aware of his history of injury problems, but for a million bucks it was worth the risk. If Mike Mussina, or one of the rookies, turn out to be ineffective this season the Yankees will have to go out and trade for a starting pitcher, a starting pitcher they could have locked up for only $1M.


Matt said...

What makes you think Prior would have wanted to come to New York? Chances are he would have just been a roleplayer in the bullpen if he joined the Yankees.

Greg C. said...

I know what you mean, and I don't know if he would have wanted to be a Yankee. However based on how the past several years have gone for him I don't see why he wouldn't want to be. Getting a chance to play for a winner, and to prove yourself on the biggest stage in the world is a tough opportunity to pass up. I also think he had a chance to start with the Yankees if he had a few good minor league starts after finishing up his rehab.