Friday, January 25, 2008

Jose Canseco: Dirtbag

When I heard about this a few days ago I didn't even want to post about it, but since nothing is going on today in Yankee-Land, I'm going to.

Publication of Canseco's second book, Vindicated, hit a snag last week after his original ghost writer Don Yaeger, as well as the original publisher, Berkley Books, withdrew from the the project. But all is well now for Jose, as he's found a replacement, and it seem he found the one person who work with just about anyone, no matter how reprehensible they may be.

USA Today:
NEW YORK (AP) — Jose Canseco's sequel on steroids, entitled "Vindicated," will be released on March 31.

Canseco is working with Pablo Fenjves, the ghost writer of "If I Did It," in which O.J. Simpson gave an imaginary confession to how he would have killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

So you're working with the guy who helped O.J. write his infamous book about how he'd kill Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman if he did it (O.J. you did do it).

But it couldn't get worse, could it? Well sadly, yes it can. Now ESPN is reporting that he tried to extort money from Magglio Ordonez:

NEW YORK -- Jose Canseco offered to keep Magglio Ordonez "clear" in his upcoming book if the Detroit Tigers outfielder invested in a movie project promoted by Canseco, The New York Times reported Wednesday night.

Ordonez decided not to go forward with a complaint, so the FBI didn't open a formal investigation, the newspaper said. Ordonez spoke to Tigers president Dave Dombrowski, who contacted MLB.

"I didn't want to press charges against him," Ordonez was quoted as saying. "I don't want any problems. He is probably desperate for money. I don't understand why he is trying to put people down."

Ordonez, teammates with Canseco on the 2001 Chicago White Sox, said Canseco didn't specifically ask him for cash.

"One of Jose's friends was leaving me messages," Ordonez was quoted as saying. "I told Dombrowski because I didn't know why he was calling me."

Canseco told the paper that neither he nor any associate asked Ordonez for money in exchange for avoiding mention in "Vindicated," which is scheduled for publication March 31.

"Absolutely not," Canseco was quoted as saying.

Canseco said he unsuccessfully attempted to reach Ordonez. Canseco refused to say whether he would implicate Ordonez with performance-enhancing drug use in the book.

Scott Boras, Ordonez's agent, filed a complaint with the FBI after Canseco spoke with a Boras employee and said Ordonez would be "clear" if the outfielder invested in the movie project, the newspaper said.

Magglio may have done steroids, I'm not going say otherwise, nothing would surprise. Well, Jeter and Mo would surprise me. But even if Ordonez did cheat, this just show how much of a lowlife Canseco truly is.

Who knows who might have already paid him off to keep their name out of the first book?

If Canseco wanted to inform people about steroid users in the game, and get back at the game for what he feels is unfair treatment, I have no problem with that. But sadly that's not what this is about. This is only about Jose and his bank account. It's shameful that he would offer to keep a person's name out of his book for money, but then again, shameful is perfect way to describe Jose Canseco.


Yanks In 08 said...

Canseco is such a piece of ****

I can't believe anyone believes a word out of this guy's mouth.