Saturday, January 26, 2008

Clemens Asked to be on Fox's "The Moment of Truth" is reporting that the Fox show "The Moment of Truth" sent Roger's manager this letter asking him to appear on the show. "Contestants on the show are asked a series of questions while hooked up to a polygraph machine -- and then have to own up to their answers in front of an audience comprised of their friends and relatives." Contestants can win $500K by making it to all the way to the 21st question.

The creator and Executive Producer of the show Howard
Schultz writes, "People have stood in awe at your incredible accomplishments in baseball. This show could let the world know that you are an incredibly courageous person, as well as to clear your name in front of a nationwide audience, all in the name of charity."

Yea I'm sure this is what Schultz wants, Clemens to clear his name -- What he really wants is to have the future hall of famer come on the show and make a total ass out of himself on national television.

Obviously t
here is no way in hell Roger would go on the show, which is a shame because it would make great TV.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see him on the show, that would be funny as hell. The reaction when the audience finds out he's a liar would be priceless.

Mark McCray said...

Hilarious!!! I would love to see it!!!