Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chamberlain vs. Buchholz

Along with their annual Top 100 Prospects list, Baseball America has released their first edition of "Split Decisions." This is where their experts explain why they favored certain players over others. This time, they're discussing Joba Chamberlain and Clay Buchholz

From Baseball America via Yanksfan vs Soxfan:
*Note: Due to the fact that this content is subscriber only, I am only giving you a portion of their comments.

Jim Callis: "In terms of pure stuff, I think Buchholz' curveball and changeup are right up there with Chamberlain's fastball and slider. I'd love to have either of those guys, but I'd take Buchholz"

Chris Kline: "They're both fearless, but Chamberlain pitches off his fastball more consistently. And not that Buchholz is some soft-tosser, but I when I think of an elite pitcher who will come right after hitters with pure power, it's Chamberlain"

Will Lingo: "I know they're talking about moving him to the rotation at midseason, but Jonathan Papelbon was a starter at this time last year too. I just think Buchholz is a little more likely to end up as a long-term No. 1 starter."

John Manuel: "Chamberlain's superior fastball makes him the better bet to be a long-term ace. In fact, it makes him the best pitching prospect to come around since I've been at BA, surpassing Josh Beckett and Mark Prior."


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that when bringing up the whole "Hughes vs. Joba vs. Buchholz" thing that they fail to mention that Buchholz is right around two years older than Hughes and one year older than Joba. If stuff and minor league numbers don't give both of them the edge (which in my opinion it does), then the age factor should.

Anonymous said...

I could understand what your saying if Buchholz had 3+years on Joba...Clay is 23 years old and Joba is 22, a little picky much??? Clay already has a no-hitter with an arsenal of different pitches, and while Joba's fastball is very impressive, if he doesn't learn to throw other pitches consistently to set up his fastball, the batters will just swing earlier and hit plenty of long-balls against him(see Beckett's first year with the Sox).

Anonymous said...

LMAO the "no hitter" argument. When a pitcher is 21 to 22 years old, one or two years is a gigantic difference. You clearly have no clue about Joba, because he has one of the nastiest sliders in the game, in addition to a good curve and change, on top of his high 90s fastball.

Why are you trolling around a Yankee blog? Are you that bored, or just that pathetic?

Anonymous said...

Lol @ the Yankee stan getting his feelings hurt. First, I'm not arguing with you bout the no-hitter, thats a fact. Second, i'm on this site cause i can do what I want, im sure if i was a blue jays fan you would have no problem with it my commenting....

And what are you talking about nastiest sliders in the game?? the dude pitched in 19 games, talkin like he's been doin it for years*rolling my f'n eyes*. & no one knows him for his slider GTFOH. Stay counting months between pitchers as ur argument for "experience" cause thats the only thing going for you. Other than that, everything i said in my first comment is the truth especially when it comes to breaking away from being a one-dimensional pitcher.

Anonymous said...

What the *@#$ are you talking about? Since when is Joba "one dimensional"? No one knows him for his slider? What the hell? Do you even WATCH baseball? YOU talk like Buchholz has been doing it for years. Joba has had better numbers at every level of the minors (as has Hughes). Seriously, you're not even worth my time. Arguing with the ignorant is an exercise in futility.

You had better get a clue before you embarrass yourself. Although, you're probably not as bold when you're out in the real world away from the computer, but I'm guessing that with all the time you're spending trolling on a YANKEE blog, you probably don't get out much.

Anonymous said...

U Mad??? All I said was Clay pitched a no-hitter not one word more stop reeeeaccching, i'm not gassing my players up like you, hence the reason i called you a stan. LoL@ the personal jabs, talking like you know me.

Back to reality. If Joba makes his other pitches consistent, his fastball will flourish. If not, i can see him having a year like Beckett did in his first year in Boston(i.e. giving up a lot of HR's)Thats all i've said...

*Shaking my head* If this simple baseball logic makes you cry, i don't know what to tell you besides you are making Yankees fans look bad.

Anonymous said...

Cry? All I'm saying is that you don't know what you're talking about, and clearly don't have any actual knowledge of Boston's and NY's prospects, because your argument started and ended with "BUT BUCHOLZ NO HITTER LOLZ"

See you at the end of the season.