Monday, March 31, 2008

Nice Start for Torre

Joe Torre made his Dodgers managerial debut today and it turned out very well for the former Yankee. Torre's Dodgers defeated Barry Zito and the San Francisco Giants 5-0 at Chavez Ravine.

Torre first Dodger called out of the pen, you guess it, Scott Proctor. Proctor went .1 of an inning and walked one - just like old times.

Even though it's wrong for any Yankee fan to root for the Dodgers I hope they do well under Torre. Regardless of what the haters say - I still have no idea how any Yankees fan could hate him like some do - Torre was a great Yankee manager, and a class-act. I will always root for Torre... well, as long as he's not playing against the Yankees.


Patrick said...

I don't really want the Dodgers to win, but it's hard for me to root against Torre. Like you said he was a great Yankee manager.