Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kyle Lohse Available?

From Jayson Stark:
Here's one of the most surprising names to pop up on the "available" list in the past 24 hours -- Kyle Lohse. Officials of two teams that spoke with the Cardinals report that they've been offering to deal Lohse if they can get back the right package.

The Cardinals have been looking for both a bat and a bullpen arm. And apparently, they concluded they didn't have the prospects to get both. They got Chris Carpenter back from the disabled list Wednesday, with Adam Wainwright a couple of weeks behind. And they have no assurance they can re-sign Lohse because he's a Scott Boras client.

So Lohse could dramatically alter the starting-pitching market Thursday if the Cardinals can find the right taker. Among the teams still looking for a starter: White Sox, Rockies and Yankees.
Back in March I suggested that signing Lohse as a free agent wouldn't have been a bad idea, well the Yankees passed him up and he's only having one of his best seasons. He is currently 12-3 with a 3.68 ERA, and a 1.27 WHIP. If the Yanks could acquire him and not give up too much I'm all for bringing him to the Bronx. He'd be a better option than either Rasner or Ponson.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we can unite the whole Duncan family over there. Shelley and a pitching prospect, Horne?

Greg Cohen said...

LOL, I don't know what it would take. Apparently they walk a relief pitcher.

Joe said...

the yankees should do whatever they can to get lohse. i dont think byrd would be much of an upgrade at all over either ponson or rasner. if the red sox trade manny i think that will sort of cancel out our need for a new pitcher if that makes any sense. but if the sox dont trade manny i think we need to get washburn or lohse if we want to seriously take the wild card spot and start looking towards tampa, because it looks like they are going for either dunn or bay, which will make them a little more scary.

Greg Cohen said...

Well Many is gone, they're getting Bay. Regardless I think the Yanks could use another starter, Lohse being the guy I'd like to see them pick up.

Then again if either Aceves, Kennedy or Hughes can give this team something they will be set. That might be a big IF though.