Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ESPN's OTL Look at the New Stadium's Financing

A few days ago I posted this about how the Yankees got tax-free bonds, and how would have left the Bronx had they not received that tax-exempt financing. This is just another case of the government handing out money to the rich.

ESPN's "Outside The Lines" took a look at this situation. Here's the video:

(hat tip to River Ave. Blues)


Mike B. said...

Oh, geez. So now some folks will focus on THIS? I had a hunch someone would explore this issue at some point before the new stadium opens. Oh, those evil Yankees! Lying about money! And how dare they take precious park land! The audacity!

I will burn my 1951 warm-up jacket....


Greg Cohen said...

You gotta admit, to give these bonds to the Yanks, Mets, and Nets isn't really fare to tax payers.

liam gallagher said...

Thats ture greg.