Monday, October 27, 2008

Just a few things...

There is absolutely nothing going on today regarding the Yankees, so here are a few links from the weekend:

- Dugout Central discusses Jeter's defense and what the Yankees should do about it.

- To the delight of many Yankees fans, the Daily News' Bob Raissman says the John Miller - Joe Morgan ESPN Sunday Night Baseball broadcast team may be breaking up.

- Mike Mussina's agent says Mussina has not made a decision about whether he will retire or not.

- The Post's Joel Sherman says Phil Hughes is making Brian Cashman look like a fool. Which is fine if you are ready to give up on Hughes right now, but seriously, am I the only one tired of this argument?

- Don Zimmer talks about his relationship (or lock of one) with George Steinbrenner.

- The Daily News checks in with former Yankees' third baseman Mike "Pags" Pagliarulo.

- The Newark Bears may be folding.

- Bronx Banter has joined the blogging network. Congrats and good luck with the move!

And here are a few more things...

- Former Yankee reliever Luis Vizciano was arrested on DUI charges in Tampa today.

- The Trenton Thunder won the Best Double-A Team Minor League Baseball Yearly Award.

- Chien-Ming Wang was selected Monday as the 10 most outstanding young men and women in Taiwan for 2008. Congrats to the Wanger!

Admittedly none of this stuff is that interesting. So if you have nothing to say about any of this stuff, just discuss the World Series, the Giants big win over the Steelers yesterday, the Jets win over the very lowly Chiefs, the Presidential election, Monday Night Football, whatever you want.


Anonymous said...

Three things,

1) I think Jeter moving to first base in a few years is what needs to happen.

2) I can't Joe Morgan, glad he may go.

3) THE GIANTS RULE!!! That was the game of the year so far. Now they gotta go beat those stupid Cowboys next week.

Anonymous said...

1) Jeter should move from SS in a few years.

2) They are not quite as bad as Buck/McCarver.

3) Moose better come back or we are in trouble

4) Trade Hughes now. Greg, it really is time to give up on Phil!!! Trade him for a center fielder like DeJesus, for an example.

5) Don't care.

6) Boring.

7) Really Really don't care.

8) Good move.

logan69 said...

Yeah, let's trade hughes like the Mets did Kazmir and then we can all whine when hughes starts burning up the majors and winds up in the world series with another team.
Everyone needs to calm down and have some patience with the kid, he has not even played a full major league season under his belt, remember, Stick Michael thinks he is the real deal and that is enough for me.

Greg Cohen said...

Trade Hughes for David Dejesus? You're not serious are you?

They wouldn't trade him for Johan and now you want to give him up for an OK center fielder? Maybe a superstar type of player, but not Dejesus, no way.

Come on, the kid is 22, it's never time to give up on a 22 year old pitcher, EVER. ... well unless their arm fell off.

Mike B. said...

1) I've never liked Miller-Morgan. Only Buck and McCarver are worse in my opinion. I always hit mute when any of the four mentioned above broadcast a game. Morgan always struck me as an idiot, and I'm truly not saying that because he never seemed to like the Yanks;

2) Good to hear about Pags! But is he to blame for Igawa ("The Little Girl")?;

3) Jeter to first some day? Why is it that nothing surprises me any more? Have I become the quintessential old fart (don't everyone answer at once, please)?


Danny said...

Greg, item#5 is exactly why I'm no fan of Girardi's staff outside Pena. Eiland has done nothing to help develop young pitching I think some of his methods may be contributing to their injuries.

Anonymous said...

I do believe Hughes will become a good major league pitcher, just not next year, and maybe not for the Yankees. I am tired of watching the Yankees lose in the first round or just not make it. I mentioned Hughes for Dejesus, because I do not think Hughes has much value right now. More importantly, I do not think other major league teams are going to value him that high. If I am wrong, then maybe we could trade Hughes for Kemp, but my bets are that teams won't be willing to go that high.

Greg Cohen said...

I see what you're saying anon, but I just don't like the idea of selling low. I'd rather stick with the kid for a few years and see what he turns into. I also think he's going to be very good.

There are many pitchers who have struggled (a lot) early on in their careers and turned things around to be very good pitchers.

Eliezer said...

Some pitchers take longer to develop than others even Santana wasn't that good at first he posted a 6.49 ERA in his 1st year and a 4.74 ERA his second then he became great, and not to mention that he had an over 5.00 ERA in the minors when playing for the Astros, I guess an impatient GM decided to give up on him and he ended in MIN. This could happen to us with Hughes if we trade him, especially if it is for alright players.

Anonymous said...

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