Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Moose to Meet With Agent at End of the Week

From George A. King III:
Arn Tellem will travel to Montoursville, Pa., shortly to find out what Mike Mussina's future holds.

"I am going to see him at the end of the week," Mussina's agent said yesterday.
A decision should come shortly after that. I can't wait till all this speculation can end and decisions/moves can finally begin to be made.

Hopefully the weather will allow the Phillies to end this World Series tonight so we can move onto the off-season and hot stove period. Its not like anyone is watching or cares anyway.


Eliezer said...

Just because you said that the WS will drag on and on now.

Greg Cohen said...

Hahahahha, you're probably right.

Sorry folks.

Mike B. said...

It'll all be your fault.


liam gallagher said...


Greg Cohen said...

I know Mike, I know.