Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Giambi and Abreu May Be Looking at One-Year Deals

As it has been recently, today is another slow day for Yankees news, so here's some more news from around the league involving two former Yankees.

From Buster Olney:
Keep hearing this: Thanks to circumstance, players such as Jason Giambi and Bobby Abreu might be forced to settle for one-year offers.
Giambi only deserves a one-year deal, but I'm surprised there's nobody out there looking to give Abreu at least a two-year deal.

I think Giambi will eventually take a one-year deal with the A's, and I could see Abreu going to the Dodgers. That would change if they ended up re-signing Manny, though.


Yankeeboy98 said...

I still think the Yanks should keep Abreu.

He may not have tje best range in the outfield, but he can still hit for power.

If you were Cashman, what would you do?

Yankeeboy98 said...

Plus, what if Matsui struggles in '09? We can't have a DH hitting .260! Abreu would fit very nice in the DH slot, and if you need him to play a couple games in the outfield, so what?

Mateo said...

At Abreu's price and with the glut of corner outfielders the Yankees have, I'd let Abreu walk.

Mike said...

If I could work out a trade to create a spot for Abreu, I'd love to have him back.

Yankeeboy98 said...


That's what i'm trying to say. If we could trade Matsui, I bet the yanks could convince him to return.


Do you really think the Yankees would care to spend more money? Also, at Abreu's calivber (I'm talking about his bat), who care's how much he's worth!

Anonymous said...

Giambi to the A's, Abreu to the Rays. Mark that down somewhere.