Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sliding Into Home Has Gone Mobile

Thanks to the suggestion of Argenys, one of this blog's readers, I have now created a Sliding Into Home mobile version. The link can be found on the top of the left sidebar.


Anonymous said...

Hey Greg - anon again here - I think that mobile works nice as way for simpler phones to access the content. looks like you dont actual control eh? the bummer is its such a nasty url there to type in to get. Maybe you want to consider registering a domain like (still long but at least easier to remember) then you can point that domain to that url.

fancier would be having something like which would direct to your normal blogspot url, and then you would create a subdomain like and it would point to that 'mobile' url you've posted.


Unknown said...

Yo Greg!

Long time no post... been grindin away at Con Ed for a while, but ive been reading regularly, just wanted to say hey, and congrats on expanding the site to mobile capabilities, really a good move for us who get alot of our news on the go. Good shit man.

So psyched for this game tomorrow, as you know Im a HUGE Dolphin fan, this season has been amazing and im looking forward to solidifying this year as the biggest turnaround any NFL team has ever had. GO DOLPHINS!!! 1-15 to 11-5!!!

Hey, if the Rays and Celtics can do it, why not us???

Haha, be well.


Greg Cohen said...

Anon, can you bookmarks links on your cell?

Yo what's up Derek? Was wondering where you went. Hope you had a nice Christmas.

Good luck with the Dolphins tomorrow.

Take it easy

Anonymous said...

Not really an issue for me Greg. I have a high end phone (i'll spare us all the brand advertising) so I can see the web on my phone just fine so i just hit the main url.

but for others an easier to remember url for the special mobile version might be worth it. domains are about $10 a year or less so its a pretty low cost investment.

Raven King said...

"The Yanks have some surplus set-up relief to spice up a trade and I do not think it is inconceivable that they could try to do a huge trade that would include Wang, who is two years from free agency."

Do you think Joel Sherman was drunk or just joking?

Anonymous said...


Greg Cohen said...

Wow I just noticed that part of the article. Uhh what the hell was he thinking?

He can't be serious, can he?

If he is I think Agrenys is right, he was both drunk and high.