Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sox, Nats Front-Runners To Land Teixeira?

UPDATE 12:21 p.m.: From Dave Sheinin:
Based on what Yankees officials have been saying, I believe the Sabathia signing essentially takes them out of the bidding for Teixeira. You can never say never, because they're the Yankees and they could get motivated if Teixeira looks like he's going to Boston, but they have always looked at Teixeira as more of a fallback in case they struck out on Sabathia.
From Mike DiGiovanna:
The Boston Red Sox have emerged as front-runners, and the Washington Nationals, who appear willing to offer eight years and $160 million, could make the most lucrative bid.

The Baltimore Orioles are in hot pursuit, the Yankees are lurking, and the Angels are growing more concerned that Teixeira might be slipping away, primarily because they'd like to sign him for six or seven years, not the eight or nine it might take.
With the CC agreeing to sign with the Yanks I think that may officially take them out of the Teixeira sweepstakes, which does bother me. He would be a perfect fit for this team.

The fact that the Red Sox may land him bothers me even more.


dan said...

what is our payroll now that we have cc? 160-170? we had around 75 million come of the cap, so we have money.

23 million for cc
30-32 million for 2 more starters

we have another 20+ mil. why not sign tex?

Greg Cohen said...

I think it's around $160, but I'm not certain.

I also have no idea why they won't spend that $20 on Teixeira. Maybe they don't want to be locked into another long-term deal, but for a guy like Tex I think it's worth it.

Marc said...

I'm with you guys, sign Teixeira.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

It'd be excessive, but I'd love to land Teix. And keep him out of Boston!

Danny said...

@Gregg, don't let it bother you, just let them recreate the 2004-2007 Yankees, in a failed attempt to recapture another world series. Remember now the pressure is on them, post season contention is no longer enough for their fans, they expect world series results now too. Just let those expectations overload them with bad mercenary contracts.

Anonymous said...

You're kidding yourself if you think signing Texiera is a "bad mercenary contract." He will be a two way star, with a great attitude and focus on the game for the length of any deal he signs. He would be anasset to any team he lands with. Don't try to rationalize it away. The Yanks needed pitching and that's their focus. The Sox have a solid rotation but need offense, its a better fit.

R.J. said...

Hey flash: Red sox have deep pockets too and are going to spend $ for good players. If they get Tex they get Tex. Right now our priority is to get starting pitching, and with Abreu and Giambi's contract off the books, work on some defense and roster flexibility. Tex is a great player for sure, but signing another 8-10 year contract for a 1b doesn't help roster or payroll flexibility.

Anonymous said...

When I read things like this statement:

1:27pm: Ken Rosenthal and Ed Price heard Teixeira would prefer to be on the East Coast for family reasons. It could be an issue for the Angels.

Fro, I get more and more pissed that the Yanks are thinking about giving Lowe 66 million dollars, while Tex gets measured for his Sox jersey. If the Yanks are going to spend that money spend it on Tex, please!

Mike B. said...

Yes, I want Tex, too! But I said that already!


She-Fan said...

I want Tex but mostly I don't want the Sox to have him. And I'd rather have Sheets over Lowe, even with the injury history. He'd be cheaper.