Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yanks Still Want Pettitte - At Their Price

From John Harper:
After signing Mark Teixeira, the Yankees began whispering that Andy Pettitte might have waited too long to accept their take-it-or-leave-it $10million offer, and that they might just decide to move on without him.

However, a person in regular contact with Yankee brass said Tuesday he believes the club still wants Pettitte back and believes a deal will get done, perhaps as early as next week.

According to this person, someone in the Yankee organization was putting out that word as something of a scare tactic, knowing that Pettitte badly wants to pitch for the Yankees next season. "They just want him at their price, that's still the bottom line," the person said.

The Yankees need Pettitte, his veteran leadership, and his ability to eat up innings. I also think Pettitte needs the Yankees. You think his legacy in this town, or around baseball, will ever be the same if he decides to go pitch for the Texas Rangers? Plus, I highly doubt anyone is going to give him much more than $10.5 million.

Hopefully these two sides come to an agreement shortly. I really don't understand what Pettitte is waiting for. Reports have said that he has been allowing his agents to drag this process out this long, and if that's the case then he looks even worse.


Anonymous said...

Pettite will eventually sign, It's a matter of supply and demand.Not much of a supply of cash out there versus his demand of more money. The Yankees offer is fair, especially for someone who faded badly down the stretch run last year. Just think if he had won his 1/2 dozen games or so in the second half, the wild card would have been closer in hand if not maybe even achieved. I think he could make that difference if he stays healthy.