Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Heyman's Latest: Yanks Could Bring Both Swisher and Nady to Spring Training

From Jon Heyman (hat tip to Scott Proctor's Arm):
More teams have shown interest in Nick Swisher than Xavier Nady, but it's possible now that the Yankees take both players to spring training. After getting Pettitte back so cheap, they don't appear to be in quite the rush to unload one of the outfielder's contracts. While Swisher may be drawing interest, the value of Nady, who outhit Swisher by quite a bit last year (.305 to .219), has to be much higher.
Good, this should have been their plan from the start regardless of what happened with Pettitte.
Heyman also had this to say about Juan Cruz:
Terrific reliever seems to be hurt by his tag as a Type-A free agent, a designation that would weigh down any non-closing reliever. No team wants to have to give up a first-round draft choice for a set-up man, even a good one. Perhaps that rule needs to be changed. But for now Cruz is hoping that the Yankees, who already have signed $423 million worth of free agents and would only have to surrender a fourth-rounder at this point, might eventually consider him. Wherever he goes, he looks like he'll be a major steal.


Anonymous said...

It's Yankeeboy here I just can't get through to my account:

I just started writing my first book called "Strikeout".

It's a fictional story about a Yankee third baseman who's father was a star in New York, so he he tries to follow in his footsteps.

I should be done with it by late 2010. Sorry it'll take so long I stil need to find an editor.

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