Friday, January 30, 2009

National TV Schedule

Over at Awful Announcing they posted the schedule for all of this year's national TV games. Here's the list:
ESPN Sunday Night Baseball:
Atlanta at Philadelphia (April 5th, ESPN2)
Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee (April 12th)
St. Louis at Chicago Cubs (April 19th)
New York Yankees at Boston (April 26th)
Chicago White Sox at Texas (May 3rd)
Tampa Bay at Boston (May 10th)
New York Mets at San Francisco (May 17th)
Milwaukee at Minnesota (May 24th)
Los Angeles Dodgers at Chicago Cubs (May 31st)
St. Louis at Chicago Cubs (July 12th)
New York Mets at Atlanta (July 19th)

FOX Saturday Baseball:

April 11th
Boston @ LA Angels
Minnesota @ Chicago White Sox
Houston @ St. Louis

April 18th
Cleveland @ NY Yankees
St. Louis @ Chicago Cubs
LA Angels @ Minnesota

April 25th
NY Yankees @ Boston
Chicago Cubs @ St. Louis

May 2nd
NY Mets @ Philadelphia
Houston @ Atlanta
Cleveland @ Detroit

May 9th
Tampa Bay @ Boston
San Francisco @ LA Dodgers
Atlanta @ Philadelphia

May 16th
NY Mets @ San Francisco
Cleveland @ Tampa Bay
LA Angels @ Texas

May 23rd
Philadelphia @ NY Yankees
Houston @ Texas

May 30th
LA Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs
Atlanta @ Arizona
Minnesota @ Tampa Bay

June 6th
Philadelphia @ LA Dodgers
Cleveland @ Chicago White Sox
Minnesota @ Seattle

June 13th
NY Mets @ NY Yankees
St. Louis @ Cleveland
Chicago White Sox @ Milwaukee

June 20th
Tampa Bay @ New York Mets
LA Dodgers @ LA Angels
Milwaukee @ Detroit

June 27th
Boston @ Atlanta
LA Angels @ Arizona
Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox

July 4th
New York Mets @ Philadelphia
Oakland @ Cleveland
Detroit @ Minnesota

July 11th
NY Yankees @ LA Angels
St. Louis @ Chicago Cubs

July 18th
NY Mets @ Atlanta
Houston @ LA Dodgers
Baltimore @ Chicago White Sox

July 25th
St. Louis @ Philadelphia
Minnesota @ LA Angels
Chicago White Sox @ Detroit

August 1st
Chicago White Sox @ NY Yankees
LA Dodgers @ Atlanta
Houston @ St Louis

August 8th
Boston @ NY Yankees
Texas @ LA Angels

August 15th
Philadelphia @ Atlanta
LA Dodgers @ Arizona
Cleveland @ Minnesota

August 22nd
NY Yankees @ Boston
Chicago Cubs @ LA Dodgers

August 29th
NY Mets @ Chicago Cubs
Houston @ Arizona
Tampa Bay @ Detroit

September 5th
Boston @ Chicago White Sox
San Francisco @ Milwaukee
Minnesota @ Cleveland

September 12th
NY Mets @ Philadelphia
Chicago White Sox @ LA Angels
Atlanta @ St. Louis

September 19th
Chicago Cubs @ St. Louis
San Francisco @ LA Dodgers
Detroit @ Minnesota

September 26th

October 3rd

(hat tip to River Ave. Blues)
This is great news, we only have to deal with Jon Miller, Joe Morgan, and new addition to the Sunday Night team, Steve Phillips once this year. Woo hoo!!

I don't mind the 8 Fox games, unlike most of you I don't have Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.


Anonymous said...

I see this and a liquid is secreting from my penis...

can it be beisbol teim nao?

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment above...
Now, I am sure there will be more Sunday Night ESPN games announced after July 19th but they are waiting to see what the great matchups will be.

Anonymous said...

Wow ther will only be 1 nationally televised game from Citifield. The Mets really are the redheaded stepchildren of NY.

Joseph Ventura said...

I love Joe Morgan, and I have no problem with Buck. I don't like McCarver or Miller. But I would rather listen to any of these guys then have to deal with Michael Kay. Kay has no baseball knowledge at all, instead he decides to tell us if Matsui is using a differentn bat than he was using during BP.

Greg Cohen said...


I'm not a fan of Kay's, but I'm used to him, plus, I like the other people on YES.

I can't stand ESPN games.

Joseph Ventura said...

Yeah I hear ya Greg. I loved Murcer, and I love Singleton, O'neill whn hes on, Leiter (if he does games anymore now that hes on MLB Network). I pretty much have no problem with anyone at YES except for Kay, and maybe Kim Jones, but shes hott so ill make an exception lol.

Anonymous said...

Greg, you're not cursed with Buck on Saturdays?

Who are you blessed with on Saturdays?

Or is it a "lesser of two evils" thing?