Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stark: Yanks Softening to the Idea of Dealing Swisher

From Jayson Stark:
After trying to push Xavier Nady as the outfielder they'd most prefer to trade, the Yankees are telling teams they're softening to the idea of dealing Nick Swisher. The Braves head the list of clubs who prefer Swisher because of his versatility and because he's three years from free agency, not one.
I've said many times that they should keep both Nady and Swisher, and I still feel that way. Trading Swisher makes even less sense than trading Nady, so obviously I'm not a big fan of this decision.

Unless they can get a really good prospect or two in return there's no reason to make any trades.


Unknown said...

If they receive an overwhelming offer for Swisher (and not with pitchers because they already have more than enough), or if it's a prelude to signing Dunn, fine, otherwise, stop the madness.

Greg Cohen said...

I agree. Buster Olney said the other day on his blog that the only way the Yankees will go after Dunn is if they can trade both Nady and Swisher, and I can't see that happening.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to trade Nady before the start of the season. However, since that appears that is not possible, I agree that we should hold onto both and wait to make a deal until midseason. Some team, possibly Atlanta, will be hurting for offensive production from the outfield and will up their offer for Nady. Plus they'll likely want the first round pick if they lose him to free agency. But yes, trading Swisher makes no sense since he, Gardner, and Cabrera are the only outfielders under contract past this season. Plus Swisher is just going to be more valuable than Nady in almost every facet.