Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wells on The Michael Kay Show

Here's audio of David Wells on today's Michael Kay Show.

And here's some of the highlights of the interview from Matt Gagne of the Daily News:

Asked what he'd say to Torre about the book, Wells replied: "I'd probably just knock him out."

Wells tempered the fighting words with laughter, adding: "I probably wouldn't say anything. I'd probably laugh at him. It's easy to say things when you leave."

Wells admitted to clashing with the manager, saying that Torre would often turn off his music in the clubhouse without ever asking him to turn it down. How'd Wells respond? He'd blast the music again and tell Torre, "If you got a problem, go in your office and shut the door."

"I wasn't there trying to make Joe's life miserable, I was there trying to win," added Wells, who used the loud music to pump himself up before games. "He fined me for wearing a Babe Ruth hat, that's pretty shallow. I threw the money at him and said, 'Go buy a pair of rims for your car.'"

Torre has been criticized for publicly calling out players in his book, something he said he'd never do when he was still managing in pinstripes. But Wells called that notion "BS" to begin with.

"Joe called guys out from time to time," Wells said. "He always said you'll never hear anything from him in the media or the papers, and that was BS ... Joe didn't respect a lot of people in my eyes."


She-Fan said...

Boomer. Love his take-no-prisoners approach. Didn't he audition for a job at ESPN? He'd be an interesting analyst.

Greg Cohen said...

Kay mentioned something like that on the show today, Wells kinda shrugged it off.

Joseph Ventura said...

Wow, Torre seriously is scum in the eye of Yankee fans now, and apparently the front office.

Anonymous said...

this is getting out of hand now. next we're gonna find out that bob sheppard is a serial killer

Greg Cohen said...


Shea said...

<3 Boomer.