Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Yanks Are Pissed

When I first heard about the book I really didn't care. I don't really care now to be honest, but the more I hear about the book the more I can understand how people are as angry as they are. I guess I'm just used to this kind of stuff and have become a bit desensitized. With that said, I wish he wouldn't have thrown so many of his former players under the bus, that's the one thing about the book that does bother me.

From the article below it seems the Yankees are not very happy either.

From Wallace Matthews:
In the course of one horrendous season, Joe Torre went from St. Joe to Joe Blow.

Now, over the course of 477 pages, Torre may well have blown more than just a playoff series or two. He may have blown his entire Yankees future.

Publicly, the Yankees are mum about "The Yankee Years," the soon-to-be-released account of Torre's managerial tenure co-authored with Tom Verducci. Privately, they are livid.

Over time -- a long time -- that may change, but right now, David Wells will be named the team nutritionist before Torre is invited back to the Bronx.

Although none of the principals have commented publicly, I have it on impeccable authority that general manager Brian Cashman is "devastated," team president Randy Levine angry enough to be considering having future managers sign some sort of confidentiality agreement, and various players so disgusted with their former manager that they'll even embrace Alex Rodriguez.
"Even devout Torre guys who worshiped him can't believe he would do a thing like this," a Yankees insider told me yesterday. "It's -- -- terrible. To them it shows what the guy was all about.
"I think his ego's gotten so big that he thinks he can do no wrong," a Yankees source said. "And the Dodgers winning the division was the last straw. I think he truly believed he had the Midas touch, that he could do no wrong."

Instead, Torre may have committed the one sin the Yankees find virtually impossible to forgive.

"The same thing he was so upset with Wells and Jose Canseco about, he did himself," the source said. "He violated the sanctity of the organization, the sanctity of the clubhouse. He broke the trust we had in him."
As an important part of recent Yankees history, photos of Torre will still hang in the new ballpark. "We gotta be bigger than this," a Yankees official told me. "Besides, the guy's already hanged himself."
I've always liked and defended Torre, and I still am a fan of his for what he did here as manager. But this book is really going to hurt, and maybe destroy his legacy, there's no doubt about that. It's a shame things ended up this way.


Mike B. said...

I had a hunch that things would turn out pretty bad for Joe.You know, I never thought I'd say this, but F@#$ HIM.

What a shame.


Greg Cohen said...

What a shame is the best way to put it.

Anonymous said...

What all this shows is that, in the end, Torre cares more about how he looks than pretty much anything else.

Anonymous said...

Well, he looks like trash now. He probably destroyed his Yankee Legacy. Bernie Williams left on bad terms, but did not come back with a book ripping the team, and eventually, on that last day at Yankee Stadium, he made peace with his team and the fans. One day, Torre would of had that day as well, but I highly doubt there is going to be a Joe Torre day with his number being retired after all this crap. Enjoy your book sales Joe, now go blow out your bullpens arms.