Friday, February 27, 2009

Giambi: "I’ll thank Derek until the day I die"

From Bob Klapisch:
Jason Giambi has been closely following the Alex Rodriguez-vigil from 2,500 miles away, safely embedded in the A’s hysteria-free universe. After seven years in the Bronx, Giambi says returning to his Oakland roots is like coming home to a soft, feathery bed.

Still, Giambi is a Yankee emeritus, which means he’s in sync with every last detail of A-Rod’s fall from grace — if only because it mirrored his. Both sluggers were exposed as steroid users, both confessed (to some degree) and both were publicly rescued by Derek Jeter.

Well, at least Giambi was, and he’s not ashamed to say it was Jeter who saved his Yankee career.

“I’ll thank Derek until the day I die,” Giambi was saying Thursday. “What he did for me, after what I’d been through, made it possible for me to keep playing in New York. The fans forgave me because of Derek. I’ll never forget that for the rest of my life.”

If you don't remember Jeter said at the time that, “When you’re a team, everyone is one family. We’re going to be there to support [Giambi] because he’s one of us.”

Klapisch goes on to point out the difference between how Jeter defended Giambi and A-Rod:

Much has been made about Jeter’s tepid support of A-Rod, a syringe-user who stands only a few feet to the shortstop’s right. It took the captain two weeks to issue a pardon to Rodriguez, but nevertheless made sure to drive home the following point: I’m not like him.

If you think that’s just Jeter’s way, self-contained and understated, remember how wide a berth he created for Giambi after the first baseman testified at the BALCO grand jury after the 2004 season.

Giambi returned to New York in shame; the Yankees explored ways to get out of the remainder of the $125 million contract. But Jeter was undeterred. He likened Giambi to a brother who deserved a second chance.

What's your take, is there a major difference in how Jeter defended A-Rod compared to he stood by Giambi four years ago?

Personally I think there is a difference but not enough that should create a controversy.

Anyway, back to the aritcle... Here's Giambi's take on how A-Rod has handled his steroid situation:

“Alex did OK,” Giambi said finally. “The hard part is saying you did it, so at least that’s over for him.”

But did Rodriguez tell the whole truth? Giambi winced, as if to say: please don’t ask me that.


bobby said...

I don't see wnough of a difference in the way Jeter handled this for it to matter. For one, its Arod and he was never going to be given the pass Giambi got. Second, Jeter wasn't trying to contrast himself directly to Arod, I just think he voiced a frustration shared by many players, that the "Steroid Era" label, unfairly puts a blemish on their careers. The madness over the Arod news was just the breaking point. Derek's angst is more with the press than it is with Arod.

Danny said...

Thw difference is that Jeter genuinely respected Giambi. It was becoming hard for us the fans to respect A-Rod, even without this latest controversy. Why should Jeter have to fake all this respect for him that isn't there.

Quidam03 said...

"But did Rodriguez tell the whole truth?"

Enough already.....why should Alex fall on his sword merely to satisfy a few writers who are merely looking to write articles without having to do any real reporting.

By even the most conservative of estimates there are hundreds of players who use/did use PEDs. More then a hundred of them failed the same test that Alex supposedly failed.

Alex admitted that he was stupid, he did it, he is sorry......leave him alone already.

If you want to write about PEDs go after the guys who used and are hiding.....or the four Texas team mates who whispered to a writer about what went on in the club house....and are now hiding behind her skirts....

Why would you think that Alex OWES you all the details of his admittedly stupid actions?

Get over it....move on....and do some real other words work for your pay....rather then riding on Alex's back........

Brad said...

I think the issue is that the two situations weren't the same and neither are the people involved. Giambi wasn't the face of baseball and he wasn't expected to break anyone's record's. Giambi didn't go on TV with Catie Curic and declare his innocents, A-Rod did.

A-Rod is very phony and unlikeable, can't say I blame Jeter.