Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yanks Tell A-Rod To Keep His Cousin Away

From the Daily News:

Yankee officials have told Alex Rodriguez that Yuri Sucart, believed to be the cousin who injected Major League Baseball's biggest star with steroids, is no longer welcome at team facilities or hotels.

Baseball sources told the Daily News Thursday that the Yankees' front office issued the ban after Rodriguez was seen jumping into an SUV driven by Sucart after Wednesday's spring training opener against the Toronto Blue Jays in Dunedin, Fla.

Rodriguez did not protest the decision, after he was told that Sucart, who serves as the star's driver and go-fer, would no longer be given access to clubhouses, training rooms and other team facilities.

"He acknowledged that it was a problem," one source said.

Seriously, what the hell was Alex thinking having this guy pick him up at the ballpark yesterday? He had to know that was a bad move, didn't he? How does having the guy who helped you obtain and inject steroids pick you up from the ballpark a good idea? Come on A-Rod, think!

Anyway, the Yankees are doing what they need to do. Get this guy as far away from the team as possible.


Raven King said...

Does Alex ever think?
The blonde stripper.
No, I'm afraid he never thinks.

Anonymous said...

The guy has major problems.

Joe said...

I think that OJ Simpson would be a better PR than the one Alex has right now.