Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Updated All-Star Voting - Only 3 Days Left To Vote!

Here is the updated AL All-Star voting from MLB.com. If you want to check out the voting for the NL go here.

2009 MLB All-Star Balloting : American League

1st Base
RankPlayer NameTeamTotal Votes
1.Kevin YoukilisRed Sox1,915,303
2.Mark TeixeiraYankees1,875,256
3.Justin MorneauTwins1,560,530
4.Miguel CabreraTigers1,139,804
5.Carlos PenaRays767,088

2nd Base
RankPlayer NameTeamTotal Votes
1.Ian KinslerRangers2,170,100
2.Dustin PedroiaRed Sox2,163,270
3.Robinson CanoYankees1,245,065
4.Aaron HillBlue Jays892,006
5.Placido PolancoTigers809,976

3rd Base
RankPlayer NameTeamTotal Votes
1.Evan LongoriaRays2,988,363
2.Alex RodriguezYankees1,354,319
3.Mike LowellRed Sox1,136,723
4.Michael YoungRangers1,134,921
5.Brandon IngeTigers667,331

RankPlayer NameTeamTotal Votes
1.Derek JeterYankees3,046,813
2.Jason BartlettRays1,419,499
3.Elvis AndrusRangers1,028,157
4.Marco ScutaroBlue Jays807,199
5.Jed LowrieRed Sox576,629

1.Joe MauerTwins2,851,819
2.Jason VaritekRed Sox1,399,946
3.Jorge PosadaYankees1,095,219
4.Jarrod SaltalamacchiaRangers1,002,391
5.Victor MartinezIndians867,613

RankPlayer NameTeamTotal Votes
1.Jason BayRed Sox2,609,913
2.Ichiro SuzukiMariners1,802,826
3.Josh HamiltonRangers1,635,781
4.Torii HunterAngels1,490,800
5.Carl CrawfordRays1,442,175
6.Jacoby EllsburyRed Sox1,355,133
7.Ken Griffey Jr.Mariners1,204,863
8.Johnny DamonYankees1,175,539
9.Nelson CruzRangers1,171,354
10.J.D. DrewRed Sox1,050,112
11.Adam JonesOrioles1,022,041
12.Nick MarkakisOrioles850,150
13.Curtis GrandersonTigers798,786
14.Bobby AbreuAngels733,329
15.Grady SizemoreIndians714,902

Results updated: Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Anonymous said...

Teix :(

He better at least make the team. You think he will?

I think the starting rosters, SHOULD be, if not fan voted... ( ) = first backup..

C: Vmart (Mauer)
1B: Morneau (Teixeira)
2B: Hill (Cano)
3B: Longodia (Inge)
SS: Bartlett (Jeter)
OF: Bay (Hunter/Crawford)
OF: Ichiro (Zorbrist)
OF: Crawford/Hunter (Damon)
SP: Greinke (Felix/Halladay)

Yankeefan91 Arod fan said...

i noe this is of topic but this is a ruor that these are the names rumored in the 2003 list leak outs.


daneptizl said...

FACEPALM at Cano batting 5th. FFS Girardi, at least recognize what a fail that is. Dude's slumping too.

daneptizl said...

I saw that list... if it's true... lulz at the 2004 Socks.

crossfire said...

Wow... that is some list.

I'd love to see all the names come out.

Greg Cohen said...

It's hard for me to believe that's the real list, but it is all I have to say is, Wow!

Anonymous said...