Friday, July 31, 2009

A Quiet Deadline for the Yanks

So, the non-waivers trade deadline has come and gone and the Yankees stand pretty much where they did before with their chief rival improves. Leading up to the deadline most fans were dying to see a pitcher added. Brian Bannister and Justin Duscherer were a couple names bandied around. Instead we end up with the Yanks adding only Jerry Hairston Jr. while Boston acquired Victor Martinez and Casey Cotchman.

Hairston isn't a big deal. He's just a depth move and an upgrade over Cody Ransom, who should finally be gone in a day or two. I certianly hope the Yankees didn't give up much for him but he has playing time everywhere except catcher and pitcher and his .247 EQA is at least better than Ransom's. I doubt he really makes a difference but he could add a win or two over Ransom. Their is obviously going to be some frustration over Cash only getting a backup infielder while the Sox added a hitter like Victor Martinez. The deadline doesn't mean as mch this year though.

Cashman hinted at this uneventful deadline a few days ago when he implied that the deadline wouldn't mean much this year because more players would slip through waivers. Considering the type of players that the Yankees might be looking at to fill out their rotation, its not impossible for them to add another pitcher in August if Mitre can't get his act together. For example, its easy for me to see Aaron Harang slipping through waivers and getting to the Yankees.

Its definitely not a sign that Cash is giving up on the season that he did nothing and I'll have to trust his judgement here. I'll have more on the Red Sox moves and they're no reason to panic. So, calm down Yankees fans and enjoy a first place lead.


Mario said...

I think Halladay not moving was good. With him becoming a FA after 2010, & the money coming off the books the next 2 offseasons, I could totally see AJ lobby ole buddy Halladay to come to NY...

Anonymous said...

A little disappointed that the Yanks didn't do anything significant.

I've heard that everytime they got interested in a big player, either Joba, Hughes, Jackson or Montero came up. And the Yanks don't want to part with them, which I can understand.

JC said...

Oops... That post above was JC. lol